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Originally from a small town in Ohio, Leslie Stratton has been making her mark as an actor in the film industry for the past 10 years. After booking a role in Blumhouse’s “Truth or Dare” alongside Lucy Hale, which grossed over $100 million, Leslie's theatrical career officially took off. Some of her feature film credits include Lionsgate’s wildly hilarious “The Swing of Things” on Amazon Prime, “The Comeback Trail” starring Robert DeNiro and Morgan Freeman, and “Rogue Hostage” with John Malkovich and Tyrese Gibson. Currently, you can catch Leslie on Hulu in a Ted Bundy thriller, “American Boogeyman” or in the girl-gang revenge drama, “Asking For It’  starring Vanessa Hudgens, Ezra Miller, Luke Hemsworth and more, also on Hulu. Not only has she found success in film, Leslie has booked numerous national commercials. You might’ve spotted Leslie in a major Pizza Hut commercial alongside Kristen Wiig, or in a fun, silly SportClips spot on ESPN. When asked about her acting career, Leslie stated she had not one but two absolute favorite memories. One was attending Tribeca Film Festival for the film "Asking For It", while her second was starring in a play titled "The Marriage Zone" at the Santa Monica Playhouse for a 35-week run. 
Leslie shot two feature films last year. One in Ireland, alongside Antonio Banderas, in a fun, heist movie called "The Cleanup Crew", while the other was a rom-com with Keir Gilchrist titled "Mort in Sherman Oaks". She is looking forward to new exciting roles in 2023, and is also currently co-writing her first screenplay.

Leslie in a Pizza Hut commercial with actress Kristen Wiig

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